About Us
BoatRentalZone is the global portal that helps you find the best boat rental by offering a wide selection of sailboats, powerboats, and catamarans for hire, with or without a skipper, to make your boating experience unique.

Founded in 2020, our catalog focuses in Europe with hundreds of beautiful and popular destinations from the coasts and lakes of Italy and Croatia, to the picturesque landscapes you get to see when sailing in the Scandinavian fjords and archipelagos, or the paradisiac coasts of Greece and Spain. Whether you are looking to rent a fishing boat or a pontoon, to hire a sail boat or a catamaran, or to charter a luxurious yacht, BoatRentalZone is the most helpful and best place to find it. 

Our Passion
Our multicultural team has a passion for the sea, the lakes, and navigating around the world. Every time we travel to a new spot, we look for a boat to navigate their waters. We used to struggle finding the perfect boat according to our needs, either because of non-updated details or not very user-friendly sites. That is why we work towards building an attractive and updated gateway that connects serious boat owners, charter companies, and rentees on a safe and user-friendly environment.

Our Commitment
We are committed to offer a real vast range of options of boats for rent near you, with or without a boat captain. This benefits boat owners by giving them a window to showcase their boats to the world and make a profit out of it, whilst bringing boating enthusiasts the advantages of having access to an updated boat rental inventory, in one safe place with just a few clicks.

Our Goal
Our goal is to help you find the right boat, in your preferred location, with the perfect crew in a few simple steps.

Welcome aboard!

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